Automated knowledge flows – integrated, smart, fast

WYZEWORX makes collaboration across different applications effortlessly more productive, while ensuring that relevant knowledge and insights are automatically captured and provided back into the working process. For higher engagement and increased re-use of existing knowledge and insights.

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Organize and access work and knowledge in context.


While teams collaborate as usual on daily tasks, topics, projects, etc., all related messages, shared files and links are automatically consolidated and organized in context. For faster access to the everything that matters to get the job done.

Collaboration has never been so smart and productive.


All in one place - all work and related communication spread across apps consolidated in one view.


Facilitates communication & collaboration with internal and external stakeholders across different applications.


Fully accessible and searchable conversations, documents and links in context without need to dig through applications or (shared) folders.


No need to change the way of working or learn a new software – teams can continue working the way they are most productive.

Build an ‘Insights Memory’ on the fly.

The ‘Insights Memory' is automatically built from processed and validated experts’ knowledge in context.


To increase engagement and re-use, we provide it back into the working processes for knowledge and insights driven collaboration and smarter business decisions.

It has never been easier to engage and re-use your knowledge & insights.


No manual efforts – all knowledge & insights automatically captured.


Fully searchable across context and teams to ensure that available knowledge is re-used.


Higher engagement & re-use of existing knowledge - exactly when & where it is needed.


Compliant & safe - all knowledge stays in place, safe and secure - only accessible with the right permission.

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We fuel Insights Engines & KMS.

You already have a knowledge managment system or insights engine, but your team has no ressources to (manually) capture all knowledge and insights? No worries! Our solution removes all manual efforts for teams and automates knowledge & insights flows directly into your existing KMS or Insights Engine.

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